French, Chinese - What Next?

In this era of technological and digital advancement, coding is converting logical actions into a dialect which is being developed for the understanding of computers.

From ancient times to the present day, language has been evolving frequently. It has progressed in a dynamic way in order to communicate better. From the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians to the classical Latin of ancient Rome, from old French started by Romanians to the Mandarin being used by Chinese, language has given birth to the regular slangs we use today. But when it comes to the 21st century, the binary code zeros and ones, brackets and hash tags have become more popular. We all wonder what this new language is? It is Coding.

In this era of technological and digital advancement, coding is converting logical actions into a dialect which is being developed for the understanding of computers. This allows us to dabble with apps, create websites and software, play video games and many more. If we consider ‘coding’ as the overall means of communication – the speech, then all the different dialects are the regional language – they are all terms and expressions that are used to communicate with the help of a machine, just in different ways.

The education system seems to be changing rapidly. In the digital world we live in, being well educated means being technologically educated. Technology coupled with digitalisation has upgraded the level of education. We should also be upgrading the level of our children’s minds by teaching them programming and coding language from the beginning of their education.

Technology’s future is not just anything but an apocalypse to the workforce – it simply encourages the necessity of learning new skills and to identify where technology will play a role alongside your current skill set over the next 5, 10 or 15 years. Once you understand how your role is going to change, you would learn the skills that will see you remain employable.

While coding is the most prominent skill for all IT related industries – it’s also a magnificently useful life skill, particularly when you work on your own terms and conditions. It won’t only help you in creating your own website, but also you would be able to automate those tasks that could otherwise cause a notable time drain. Basic tasks like data entry and responding to easy-to-answer questions from consumers could be handled by software – as long as it is coded correctly.

The study pattern too has changed these days, now institutions are taking to teaching coding. This also prepares them for employment market dominated by data science and computer science.

Coding can make careers of those interested not only in the IT industry but every scope of life including Medical, Design, Architecture, Finance, Law & Fashion. When you learn a language, you employ it to precise yourself. The same stands true for coding. Code teaches the valuable skill of interacting with the machines around us and getting the work done. It improves collaboration and communication as well.

Coding’s involvement in our lives, right from learning pattern to existing curriculum of institutions, has made it more impactful and applicable compared to the past. Since virtualization is the world’s new reality, coding will be the new future.

While French and Mandarin might help you stand out in the crowd, coding will make you lead that crowd.

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