His Royal Highness Prince Daniel Of Sweden In India On A Two-Day Visit

Prince Daniel visits India to study education and entrepreneurship in India.

His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden is currently on a two-day visit to India to study entrepreneurship and education in India. Prince Daniel visited the Embassy of Sweden for a lunch together with Indian and Swedish business leaders and entrepreneurs. Among the guests were representatives of Swedish companies working actively on innovation in India and start-up companies, as well as policymakers and key stakeholders in shaping the Indian entrepreneurship and innovation landscape. 

Prince Daniel started his own company in 1997 and worked as a consultant in the fitness industry. With an entrepreneurial background, Prince Daniel is committed to enterprise and works to promote entrepreneurship among young people. The Prince Daniel's fellowship project and its entrepreneurial programme were launched in January 2013 through which Prince Daniel visits upper secondary schools, universities and university colleges around Sweden to inspire young people to get involved in entrepreneurship.

Prince Daniel spoke about the strong relations between India and Sweden, “Strong relations are crucial for us humans. The same goes for countries, especially small countries like Sweden. We are so dependent on good relations not least for trade. And here we are in India, a country with a population that is 136 times bigger than ours. That makes me quite humble. Imagine the potential!”

During the two-day visit in India the Prince will also be visiting Assam to follow the work of the organization Pratham and the project “Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India”. The Prince is travelling together with a group of Swedish companies and their heads of sustainability/CSR. 

Pratham Sweden is a leading NGO working in the field of children’s education. ’Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India’ was in­itiated by Mr. Carl Bennet and Mr. Marcus Wallenberg in 2017, after a group of ten large Swedish companies with operations in India had discussed the urgent need for effec­tive partnerships within primary education in India. The project will enable quality education for 30 000 children and ensure improved skills in reading and writing.

Prince Daniel married the Crown Princess of Sweden on 19 June 2010 at Stockholm Cathedral. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have a daughter, Princess Estelle and a son, Prince Oscar.

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