Best Higher Education Brand For Innovation In Curriculum: Top Education Brands In India

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Established in the year 1985, with 11 ICFAI universities, 9 ICFAI business schools, 7 ICFAI tech schools, 5 ICFAI law schools, the ICFAI Group was awarded the ‘Best Higher Education Brand for Innovation in Curriculum’ at the 2017 edition of ‘BW Top Education Brands in India’ conference and awards that were held in New Delhi.

 With 1,25,000 students under the group institution and 5000 teachers and a non- teaching staff of 3000, ICFAI has been a pioneer in the field of education for the last 30 years. Delivering quality education through its innovative teaching practices, ICFAI has built a pan Indian presence in this field.

Differentiated curriculum that fills the gap between academia and industry is what is followed at the ICFAI group.

Furthermore, the programs at ICFAI are developed in such a way that they make the students want to achieve something and not just limit themselves.

 There are about 500 international students who study at ICFAI, in addition to the several MoUs with foreign universities.

University of Westminster, UK; Flinders University, Australia; University of Michigan, USA; University of South Australia; University of Bradford, UK; ICN Business School, France are just some of the examples of universities that ICFAI is in a global collaboration with. The Group has a number of operating labs like the Mentor graphics lab, Texas Instruments lab, Ansys, Xilinx Vivado, Pro- E, Siemens NX CAM and MatLab.

Various placement training programs and initiatives have been taken by ICFAI so as to prepare the students and give them an industry perspective.

 Innovation is curated through teachers in an educational establishment and therefore a number of faculty training workshops are conducted by ICFAI. “At ICFAI, students inculcate research and analytical orientation due to its institutional strength and support for the research and development activities”, says a spokesperson.

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