Importance Of Teaching The Right English To Children From A Nascent Stage

If kids are introduced to the English language much earlier, it can help them stay ahead of their peers.

In the 21st century, the significance of communication skills, and the English language in particular, has become paramount. In short, communication comes prior to all other skills required to move up the ladder and achieve goals, irrespective of the field chosen. After all, effective and strong communication skills are the key to accomplish every other milestone in your child’s career. It’s evident just how important English as a language is in today’s world. Many global businesses conduct meetings in the English language, in several universities English is the medium of instruction for teaching many courses and, tourists and travellers around the world use English as a common language.  

Importance Of Teaching Right English To Your Kids

Research extols the benefits of being bilingual, especially so if it’s learnt in the early years of one’s life. Studies have proven that learning English early on helps children grasp other languages faster and more easily. Kids get more time to learn things, have fewer inhibitions, and most importantly, they have a brain designed for language learning. Education is important and so is learning the right English from an early age to improve their quality of life.

Teaching your kids English will help boost memory, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and develop an ability to multitask. Also, children good in other languages display a sign of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. Feeding their brains right is equally important and it comes with the skill of learning a second language.

Strong communication skills help a child in many ways. It enhances their ability to connect with people at a global level in later life, develops confidence, preparing kids to make them understand how to present themselves before the world. It enables them to communicate well their stance in different situations.  

The chances of excelling in academics is yet another perk, as there are cognitive benefits of learning a language, it will have a direct impact on your child’s academic achievement. It also helps in nurturing their curiosity, tolerance, cultural sensitivity, and most importantly, empathy. It opens a world of opportunities for them later on.

Begin Early

If kids are introduced to the English language much earlier, it can help them stay ahead of their peers. Learning a language takes years. However, it is not only about merely learning the language but keep refining and mastering the skills that one has acquired. Unfortunately, India isn’t the world’s top when it comes to mastering the Lingua Franca.

There’s no minimum age to start learning a language, the sources of learning can be many and are not only restricted to books and academics. To make them excel in learning a language, you would need to start early. Language acquisition in kids is an incredible factor so there’s no such defined age when it comes to teaching your child an extra language as kids are born with the capability to reproduce words.

The time a learner would get to devote to learning a language has a direct and positive correlation to cognitive development. It also allows them to grow alongside the second language and culture, developing a deeper connection as they grow older. Also, when kids learn a language at a very young age, they have a much better chance of not having a foreign accent when speaking another language, rather they sound natural. 

Learning From Various Sources 

Confining the learning and teaching process only up to the home or a book would not do any justice with the purpose. In today’s world, there are ample sources that children can pick up skills in languages from. Let the teaching and learning process remain fun and engaging, making use of tools like English movies and cartoons for kids can give their brain a great push, enhance the vocabulary and grasp the pronunciation by listening. These are classic techniques that work effectively on a child’s brain when trying to learn a language.

English can also be taught with the help of a series on their favorite device under your guidance. Tiny tots can learn tones of the lines, pronunciation, diction, with the help of their favorite characters, it will also help them teach English expressions and songs.Encourage their learning process by making it fun with the help of games. There are ample options available, go for board games and educational games in English.

Summing up

The fact that the face of 21st century India has changed drastically due to globalization, understanding English has become the dire need of the hour as it will help kids through their school and college years, and their professional life as well. It is never too late to learn a language. In fact, the language learning process is an ongoing process that never really ends. Learning English is going to ensure that your child becomes culturally aware, is at par with their peers and is able to carve a niche for themselves in today’s competitive world.

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