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Best K 12 Education Group Brand For Green Practices: Top Education Brands In India

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Awarded the ‘Best K-12 Education Group Brand for Green Practices’ at the 2017 edition of ‘BW Top Education Brands in India’ conference and awards in New Delhi, Pathways School believes in a sustainable habitat and is trying to do its bit towards building and securing the environment for the future generations that are yet to come.

 Pathways has under taken the responsibility to build facilities to reduce the carbon foot print in the environment. Introducing approaches like some age old Indian architecture techniques like making buildings not only environment friendly but also cost effective.

The ‘United States Green Building Council’ (USGBC) has also recognized Pathways School Gurgaon, Pathways School Noida and Pathways World School Aravali for their ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) thus conferring Pathways with the honor of being the first and only school chain serving all grades K-12 in the world to achieve LEED-EB Platinum Certification.

Pathways’ total energy requirement is less than that of 40% as compared to conventional buildings. In addition to this, their total HVAC (air conditioning) requirements are 60% less than that of conventional buildings.

 From taking care of ceiling heights to walls and conditioning of circulation spaces without providing equipment to installing central atriums with natural ventilation on the top, Pathways group of schools has kept each and every thing in mind, in accordance to the environment.

Lighting and air conditioning are some of the other factors that have also been kept in mind that has allowed Pathways to achieve this feat.

 “We have divided all our buildings into various zones and intelligently designed the chilled water piping providing motorized butterfly valve at the chilled water return of each zone. The PLC at the time of shutting the electricity of the non-operational zone also shuts off this motorized valve thus cutting off the chilled water to unnecessarily run in the pipe lines of this zone. Thus, on one hand reducing the pumping load and on the other arresting the unnecessary energy losses that otherwise are incurred with the excess flow of water in the non-operative areas”, said a representative.

“Green is something that is very close to our hearts” and that is exactly what Pathways as an ‘educational brand’ has always followed.

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