Physics. iNeuron To Create Affordable Job Training Programs

To create comprehensive training programs for first-time job/internship seekers looking for specific tech skill training. Physics Wallah inks permanent partnership with iNeuron to achieve this

PW (Physics Wallah) has announced the acquisition of iNeuron to offer accessible tech-centric upskilling courses to the youth. Under this permanent partnership, the iNeuron team will be merged into PW’s upskilling offering – PW Skills – expanding the ambit of the brand’s tech-skilling vision for the country’s vast and growing working-age population.

Signed in the amount of Rs 250 Crore, the transaction has been overseen by exclusive financial advisers Loestro Advisors LLP, a boutique investment banking and consulting firm with more than $600Mn of fund-raise and M&A executed in the education space in India.  

Alakh Pandey, Founder & CEO, Physics Wallah, said, “At PW, we have built a strong ecosystem in the edtech industry by bringing a revolution in education and making it affordable and accessible. We have committed to a permanent partnership with iNeuron, which provides upskilling across in-demand technologies with a key focus on high-quality, practical learning experiences.”

Prateek Maheshwari, co-founder, Physics Wallah, said, “With this partnership, PW aims to bridge the pedagogical gap between college-level courses and the industry requirements to boost job readiness among the youth. Through our lifelong partnership with iNeuron, we will facilitate a holistic ecosystem bolstered with state-of-the-art technology, best practices in training, and ample support through internship and job portals, lab for practices, job fairs, and more,” he added.

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