Preparing Students For The Unknown Is The Best Answer Today - Dr. Neeru Madhuri Parti

Students today are educated in different ways as schools prepare them for the unknown. Highlighting important elements of administration, the BW Education Leadership Summit 2019 hosted a panel discussion to elaborate further on the topic.

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While unravelling the lessons on changing times and the education administration, a panel at the 2nd BW Leadership Summit 2019 discussed the challenges of school administrations and building strong communications between students and the institutions they belong to. Moderated by Manit Jain, Co-Founder, The Heritage School the topic of discussion was ‘Lessons on Changing Times and Changing Education Administration’.

“When we discuss the adaptability quotient, preparing our students for the unknown is the best answer we can give today. But we also need to ensure the potential of the administration of the school or institution. A student is going to adapt and learn the skills of tomorrow, but we need to ensure that apart from the teacher there can be others to hand hold him/her in completing this journey. A principal plays an important role in the system and the promoters need to understand the difference between them and an administrator. These two roles need to work in sync to allow better administration which will indirectly result in the betterment of a student’s upbringing”, said Dr. Neeru Madhuri Parti, Head of Academics, Laxmipat Singhania  Education.

Administration plays a key role in the changing times especially when education patterns are evolving. An administrator is not a principal and they are two separate roles that need to be understood to allow smooth functioning of schools. 

Let. General SH Kulkarni (Retd), Director, Mayo College said, "In most Institutions today, you'd witness alot of retired army representatives come into administration. They carry a plethora of experiences in this field under dynamic conditions. According to me it is unfair to expect a principal or a dean to handle the entire administration. For them it results into more time in administration than paying attention to the students. More than 75-80% principals are focusing on administration and get stretched from their actual job. In conclusion, I'd want to say that every institute must appoint proper trained administrators to make the job more organized". 

The BW Education Leadership Summit hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai gathered the leaders of the sector in understanding the problems and solutions in delivering unique learnings to students while shaking hands with technology and creative content. 

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