SPJIMR Introduces An Initiative For Mental Wellbeing Of Students And Stakeholder During Lockdown: ‘Weekending With Vishwas’

It has so far connected with over 450 participants from India and abroad who look at Vishwas as a medium to connect back with the community.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), has introduced an initiative for the mental wellbeing of students, alumni, faculty and staff members called ‘Weekending with Vishwas’ during the COVID-19 lockdown. As students and staff have been working from home all through this duration, they meet online voluntarily every weekend and this has allowed them to feel comfortable, to open up and share even some of their most vulnerable moments.

‘Weekending with Vishwas’ builds conversations around hope, resilience and optimism. A thoughtfully curated theme allows candid conversations in a psychologically safe space without the fear of being judged. It has so far connected with over 450 participants from India and abroad who look at Vishwas as a medium to connect back with the community.

The team of Vishwas used the power of technology to connect across programmes and geographies with just the click of a button. Running for 14 weeks now, people come together to share stories of their cosy corner, their favourite song and movies, high or low points and mentors that gave them wings. A team of students from across programmes help to coordinate and nurture the initiative. 

‘Weekending With Vishwas’, the unique initiative is led by Dr Vidyut Lata Dhir. She is a Professor of Leadership and Design Thinking and a certified psychologist. She says, “The idea is to have agenda-less conversations within the SPJIMR community and to not let the physical distance become a social or emotional one.  While the world was locked down, we decided to reach out as everyone is facing the same storm but is on a different boat. It might be possible that one's boat is weak, but the other’s boat might be even weaker. This develops a sense of gratitude and an assurance that we are not alone.”

Few of the participants expressed how ‘Weekending with Vishwas’ helps them during the extended lockdown:

“Sessions at Vishwas as the name suggests is filled with trust and friendship. Mental health in these demanding times is very important and there are very few platforms available where I can care for my mental health. Vishwas is my go-to platform for taking care of my mental health.” - Achuth Deshpande, Student, PGPM. 

“Ever since the onset of the pandemic, which can be a tough time for many, ‘Weekending With Vishwas’ is a unique platform where people come and share their ‘Mann ki baat’ on various topics that are changed every week! The best part about these sessions is that they enable you to not think about the uncertainties and ongoing pandemic and enable you to really be in the moment and enjoy listening to others!” – Yousuf Khan, Student, GMP.

“On attending the Vishwas sessions, it felt good to see people’s faces, some familiar and some unfamiliar, hearing about their individual experiences of dealing with the lockdown, the situations they are in. It felt that the platform is cathartic for people to vent their feelings when otherwise the regular outlets for people to vent are restricted somewhat.” - Sankhmala, Alumnus, PGMPW.

“Weekending with Vishwas as an initiative has taught me, as an individual, to listen to not just others but also to self and explore myself.” – Henna Gilotra, Vishwas team member, PGDM.

Today, more than ever, it is a time for sharing, a time for innocence, a time of building confidence. Going forward, ‘Weekending with Vishwas’ can make a significant difference to the well-being of many.

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