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Best Pre School Franchisor For Pedagogy Practices: Top Education Brands In India

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Awarded the ‘Best Pre- School Franchisor for Pedagogy Practices’ at the 2017 edition of ‘BW Top Education Brands in India’ conference and awards that were held in New Delhi, Safari Kid was established in the year 2014.

With 6 schools under the franchisor and present in 3 states in the country, it also boasts of Safari Kid International Pre-school and Day care in countries like London, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai.

 Safari Kid makes use of techniques and approaches like Context based learning, i.e., use of all contact and determinate tools. Another teaching technique is Problem based Learning - (STEAM/ MATH). Students are also taught by letting them learn by doing (STEAM), Argumentation - (public speaking) and Blending Learning - (children customization).

The USP of Safari Kid is the usage of great teaching techniques and methods that has resulted in improved learning for the students. Using researchers and educationists is not uncommon for those at Safari Kid.

The 4 C’s is what Safari Kid emphasizes on: Customization, Curriculum, Care and Communication.

Safari Kid aims for an all -round development of every child and therefore caters to a child’s cognitive abilities; leadership skills; language and communication skills; motor functions; social and emotional development as well as imagination and creative abilities.

Helping the students discover their interests and strengths is the focus for educators at Safari Kid.

The teachers are also able to deliver even complex and complicated content effectively for their own professional development as well. This results in betterment and development of both teachers and students at the same time as there are ample opportunities that are provided at Safari Kid. “Both teachers and students are thus teaching and learning by implementing a unique method.”

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