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K 12 Emerging School Brand Of The Year: Top Education Brands In India

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Awarded the ‘K-12 Emerging School Brand of the Year’ at the 2017 edition of ‘BW Top Education Brands in India’ conference and awards that were held in New Delhi, Selaqui International School was established in the year 2000.

 The school has been consistently ranked amongst the top 4 boarding schools in the state of Uttarakhand. A firm believer about focusing on excellence and leadership, Selaqui International School nurtures its students in a way that definitely sets it apart from the rest of the emerging schools in the market.

A student teacher ratio of 6:1 is followed at the school which results in the students being paid a lot more attention by the teachers.

 Selaqui International School boasts of a huge campus and a brilliant infrastructure as well. The school has global connections that comprise of 150 schools from around the globe and is also a member of IAYP.

The school has also collaborated with 12 schools of Europe, United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for student exchange programs. Various village development and outreach programmes are also organized for the students to participate in. “Our Outreach programme includes working in a village about 20 kms from the campus and requires all students to spend at least 4 days in a year working on water harvesting, bio diversity and agriculture with the local population”, said a school spokesperson.

 Some unique pedagogical practices are followed at Selaqui International School that ensure the students’ well -being academically. Each and every student sits with an individual tutor at the beginning of each academic year to set individual goals for the coming year. Moreover, methods like the Harkness Table method and faculty development programs are extensive all throughout the year.

Techniques like the f l i p p e d c l a s s r o o m teaching and learning, innovative teaching and linking classroom teaching to the wider curriculum, are extensively followed at Selaqui International School.

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