Teens Too Young For Internships? Wrong.

The purpose of internships is to build skills, provide exposure and help build aspirations

Internships may have been a rite of passage for fresh college graduates, but as competition increases and any small differentiator can mean the difference between success and failure, more and more teenagers are seeking out internships. Whether as summer jobs, part-time engagements or freelance work, teens are looking to build skills as early as possible. Here’s why this is a great idea:


Future Success

One of the biggest reasons teens choose to volunteer or intern is so that they can add something noteworthy to their college applications or resumes. Working in a particular industry can prepare students for academic exploration in that sphere, or provide them with experience for a career in it depending on what they want to do. It’s also that much easier to understand academic principles when they have experienced them firsthand. 



On the other hand, doing an internship might confirm that the job or industry isn’t as exciting as it seems. It’s a simple yet effective way for teens to understand what they truly enjoy and want to do. This is especially useful for the current generation, who have an overload of options at their disposal.


Skill Development

With everyone now having access to the Internet and digital tools, information now becomes redundant at a rapid pace. Very often, college curricula cannot keep up with current trends. Armed with just foundational principles, teens might struggle to adjust to newer ways of working. An internship can help bridge that gap by teaching valuable and up-to-date skills. It also helps teens create a more relevant portfolio or body of work for future job opportunities.


Increased Self-confidence

Entering an office for the first time can be intimidating for anyone, more so for teenagers. But having a little experience can prepare teens for what to expect. Even simple things like how to conduct oneself properly, how to dress appropriately, what is expected of a professional etc become a lot easier to understand with prior experience, which can give teens a boost of self-assurance.


Networking & Opportunities

Getting a foot in the door, especially at larger organisations, becomes a lot easier when one has already interacted with the hiring manager. Even if a teen decides to work elsewhere, they will have still made valuable connections with senior professionals, which might help them down the road. These professionals may even help the teen find a job or provide guidance as a mentor.


While not all internships are paid, the learning alone is a valuable takeaway for most teens. If they do end up finding a paid internship however, that just gives them one more compelling reason to pursue it! So even though spending their holidays working instead of relaxing with friends might seem unpleasant, it can have a huge impact on a teen’s future.

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