Using Technology In Assessment Is Something We Need To Look Into: Vinod Gupta, Founder, VG Learning Destination.

India's Future Education Leaders came together to share their thoughts to talk about some of the most critical topics in BW Education 40 Under 40 Virtual Summit & Awards.

The education system is seemingly revolutionized today. Today, education is characterised by online classrooms and coaching centres prepping students for the future. Does this show the education system changing? Is there a shift?

To have a discussion on these lines, BW Education hosted a panel discussion on "How are EdTechs transforming the Indian Education System" as a part of its 40 Under 40 Virtual Summit & Awards.

Now, content is in the hands of students. Everything they want to do is at the tip of their fingers. “EdTech has opened the gates to students for mastery of skill development. It has turned out to be a huge boon", explained Pooja Verma, a panellist at today’s session and CEO and Co-Founder at Whisskers Marketing. Whisskers is an organisation that helps students and parents with the right ‘matchmaking' of teachers or learning centres.

Everything around us is changing. As Sriram Venkata Somayajula, CEO of said, “Students are making more choices and decisions based on the trial. People are now evaluating all the content being thrown at them. And this is not just limited to a higher class of people. We can see that Tier 2 India has started taking more and more interest in the shifting educational paradigm. People may have poor access, but they do have internet access. Earlier students didn't have the opportunities that they have today. And they are using these opportunities to the fullest."

"Going forward, it is believed that education will be 0-60% offline or live and 70% will be recorded. The evolution of content is what is revolutionizing EdTech," said Pratham Bhanot, CEO of Zeil Education. "But of course, first, the teachers must be comfortable shifting to e-content for the students. Innovation and evolution of content is what is driving the EdTech," he added.

Of course, things can’t change overnight. “Using technology in assessment is something we need to look into,” says Vinod Gupta, Founder of VG Learning Destination. There is still a lot of doubt. But one can't deny that EdTech has led to the democratization of education. “Personalisation is the key now. On a single platform, they can now pay attention to every learner", explains Rishab Sumer Mehta, Founder & CEO of Gray Quest Education Finance.

Now, we must wait and see where the future takes the education system and what new changes are brought to it.

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