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K 12 Education Group Brand For Academic Excellence: Top Education Brands In India

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Awarded the ‘K-12 Education Group Brand for Academic Excellence’ at the 2017 edition of ‘BW Top Education Brands in India’ conference and awards that were held in New Delhi, Vibgyor Group of Institutions was established in 2004.

 The school chain accommodates about 42,000 students in 29 different centers with about 4,800 teachers. With a brilliant teacher student ratio of 1:10, this ‘educational brand’ has come a long way.

Talking about academic excellence, Vibgyor Group has always maintained a spectacular record for a chain so young. In the academic year of 2016-17 itself, 25 Students scored perfect 10 CGPA score in CBSE 10th as well as about 20 Students scored above 95% in ICSE 10th.

5 students also scored perfect 8 A’s in IGCSE 10th, not to mention the innumerable academic and sports achievements of the students at Vibgyor Group.

The school firmly believes in igniting young minds through the broad based curriculum designed especially for the students.

 “We have our specialized scripted interdisciplinary curriculum that is developed in-house by a team of experts. A thoughtfully scripted curriculum not only provides high quality learning material for students based on standards prescribed by the educational boards (CBSE, ICSE and CIE) but also details out guidelines for the teachers. This ensures that quality education is delivered uniformly across all VIBGYOR Schools”, says a school spokesperson.

The brand focuses on helping each and every child to identify his or her personal strengths and interests and to discover the true potential that the children are capable of. Vibgyor Group of Institutions provide various opportunities for the students to develop a balance of academics, culture, sports and develop into an all-round individual.

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