We Have To Build A Golden Triangle Between Parents, Teachers And Students To Build Trust

The only reason parents are still sending their kids to tuitions post-school is the trust deficit in the schooling system

Speaking at BW Education School Leaders Conclave today, experts discussed on various aspects of trust deficits of parents in school, and the education system. Highlighting the burning issues Aditi Misra, Principal DPS, Gurgaon said that the best way to develop trust among parents towards the schools is to build a golden triangle of collaboration between students, parents, and teachers. She also emphasized on the need to be more collaborations from the parental side towards the school in order to get the best for children at school. 

Many points were raised during the discussion on how to best serve the children and shape their future in the right direction. 

Rajeev Gupta, Director Golden Bells preschool raised serious concerns on the need to go for tuitions post-school. 

“The only reason parents are still sending their kids to tuitions post-school is the trust deficit in the schooling system. Tuition defies the whole point of going to school. Another problem is that parents are only concerned about their kid’s grades and marks.”

In the recent past, there have been a few cases in various schools which have raised serious concerns among parents regarding the safety and security of their wards at school. 

The experts tried to find out solutions to many such problems and how to build the trust deficit. 

“How can we develop an attitude that will lead to trust to the entire system? The best way is to focus on the skills, development of habits and culture and character of the child and make a better system for teachers,” said NN Nayyar Education Officer Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai. 

“To bridge this gap we have to build on the good work done by others. The media also needs to play its part and highlight the good work by school laying in isolation,” said Trilok Singh Principal Jodhamal Public School Jammu. 

“To face challenges like these we need more parental collaboration in schools, involve them into the school system in best possible way, meet and discuss issues with them more often,” he added.  

“We need to be more empathetic, we will need to find more time for parents is the best way to actually bridge this trust gap. It is time to do some thoughtful meeting,” concluded Arunabh Singh, Nehru World School. 

This conclave organised by BW Education, a verticle of the parent company BW Businessworld aimed at bringing leaders in the field of education under one roof and creating a free flow of ideas among them. It was a platform dedicated to ideate and find solutions on education problems persisting in the country. 

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