Why Young Legal Professionals Are The Social Changemakers

The role of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom

The world is changing every minute, and it is changing fast. It has truly become a place where only the fittest of the lot survive. There is a lot of social injustice going around, and it is imperative that we have people who practice law to fight this social injustice.

Law is a very powerful tool, and the practice of it is a very noble profession. Lawyers have several opportunities to influence and advance positive social change. They are taught to address challenges and possess skills essential for problem-solving. According to American Bar Association, there are around 1.1 million law practitioners in the US alone. This translates to about one in every 300 individuals there being lawyers. With the advent of technology, however, this profession has been facing many challenges over the years. Hence, innovation is essential. As young law workers enter the profession, the field becomes even more complex and dynamic. They can be seen as the social change-makers of the upcoming future.

They are brimming with new ideas

Young law professionals are brought up in the technologically advanced era. They grew up observing all the changes being made around them. They have a more contemporary idea of the world and so are ready to challenge the system or the way things are done to push for development. They can bring a technological, social, and economic sight to the traditional practices of law.

To elaborate, they may organize online legal counselling sessions for people who can’t physically get them. They may also realize that everyone can’t have equal access to justice due to economic disparities and offer their services at a lower rate. Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) is one such organization where these young professionals are committed to serving justice. They help provide legal aid to those who cannot afford it.

They are good listeners

The older generation of law professionals was less likely to listen and change for the better. They would stick to the traditional methods and not adapt to their surroundings. Young professionals, however, are all ears when it comes to development. They accept feedback and often go out of the traditional norms to try and implement all the suggestions they receive for the betterment of society.

They have more entrepreneurial skills

The American Bar Association (ABA) stated that “Today’s lawyers will have to be entrepreneurs rather than employees to solve the justice gap”. Young law professionals think outside the box and easily get accustomed to changing circumstances, while keeping the best interest of society in mind. They make it a point to research well when it comes to their client’s business.  These abilities define a good entrepreneur. 

They motivate people around them

Young legal professionals bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to their work. This motivates other employees in the organization to work with the same vigor and passion. While the older generation of lawyers in authority worked in a scenario where a position of authority would push or force others to work, the youngsters attract the attention of others and inspire them to achieve their goals. They believe in a horizontal level of communication and collective work. Even in a public setting, the young lawyers encourage others to come forward and fight for justice.

They have a passion to change the society

Young law professionals with their creativity and skills are highly driven by the change they wish to bring about in this rapidly evolving world. They aim to make the world inclusive and equitable through their hard work. Most importantly, they have empathy for the underprivileged sections of society. For this reason, they have various public interest law firms across the world. Public interest laws are legal services provided to marginalized communities or people who cannot afford them. 

Young law professionals are extremely tech-savvy, they know the nitty-gritty of advanced technology. As we know that the upcoming future will be technologically driven, and the affinity of young legal professionals with technology will ensure engagement with a larger audience to promote social change efficiently.

In conclusion, young law professionals- using their varied set of skills and knowledge of technological, social, and economic aspects, can bring about a change in society. They don’t boycott the traditional methods altogether. Neither do they blindly jump into new methods. Instead, they study the questionable methods and research the new ones to take in the best of both worlds. 

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