Zaha Hadid Architect, Bidisha Sinha Joins WUD

Zaha Hadid Architects now represented on the board of the World University of Design

The World University of Design takes a big leap into the world of architecture, strengthening its advisory arsenal by bringing on board Bidisha Sinha, the Senior Associate at Zaha Hadid Architects on the Board of Studies of its School of Planning and Architecture.

The architecture firm Zaha Hadid is known for its radical deconstructivist designs and for being able to build the unbuildable. Zaha Hadid herself was the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, As the senior associate and having spent 15 long years at Zaha Hadid, Ar. Bidisha Sinha will not only be able to share with the students her enriching knowledge that she has acquired through her varied experience over the years but also the firsthand insights on new technologies and the new mantras that the architectural universe follows in current times, especially the pivotal concept of Digital Architecture which the world is revolving around.

As an expert in trade and an evangelist of the discipline, Bidisha has lectured and been part of jury panels in architecture and design schools in the UK, USA and India. At ZHA she has personally delivered projects that have made a positive difference to the revitalization agenda of the programs associated with them. As she joins hands with WUD, Bidisha expresses herself as “I am excited to be on board with the institute. I like to take up new challenges and I feel that one must never settle down in life! It is always good to move on, to learn and to pass on all that you have to budding youngsters. I have a vision where I see India as a Digital Architecture hub, providing plans for domestic giants and on the international front too. I am grateful that I can contribute to an apparently brighter future for the country.”

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