Zamit In Collaboration With The Future Foundation

Zamit has collaborated with the Future Foundation to provide to provide grants and scholarships to schools for teachers and students

Zamit and TheFutureFoundation, aim to shape up the future by supporting schools and empowering students and teachers with skills to thrive in the 21st century.  

TheFutureFoundation has committed a sum of Rs 40 lacs to sponsor schools signing up for future readiness programmes before 31 March 2024. TheFutureFoundation will sponsor 100 per cent of the total fee on behalf of the school. 

The initiative provides scholarships to students and grants to teachers for conducting original research. The scholarships provided will contribute to these students' academic pursuits. This will facilitate Zamit in reaching many schools across India and equip the necessary tools and resources to foster the development of students in future readiness. 

Not only students but teachers benefit from grants offered by TheFutureFoundation as the latter will be encouraged to conduct original research in Skills and Knowledge integrated learning domains. These research initiatives are designed to enrich the educational landscape and contribute to the evolution of teaching excellence. 

“In the last three years Zamit met multiple school leaders, educationists, students and parents and the common challenge that each one faced was that while they were doing a lot to integrate skills with knowledge, there was no tool to measure this process. Thus, Zamit, in collaboration with QAI, UK brings to schools an international framework and a researched based programme to address this gap. This partnership will help schools align with NEP 2020 and create those opportunities for their teachers and students affordably. The programmes are mapped to NEP 2020 and the IB learner profile, but are relevant for every student to equip them with skills for success in the future”, Abhijeet Mukherjee, CEO, Zamit, said. 

TheFutureFoundation aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and mindset required to excel in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. The Future Foundation offers training and awareness programmes, extends scholarships, incubates creative and innovative ideas, undertakes research and develops learning and support materials.

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